Sunday, February 9, 2014

Conversation and Food at Genea-Bloggers After-Party

Deep in conversation are (from the left), Sue Maxwell (from Utah), Renee Zamora (from Utah) and Linda Robbins (from Texas):

Two Robbins Ladies at Genea-Bloggers After-Party

The Robbins ladies - Linda Robbins (from Texas) on the left, and Miriam Robbins (from Washington) (with Timo Kracke and Chris Mueller in the background):

Spanish Flavor at Genea-Bloggers After-Party

This photo shows Sonia Meza and Linda Seaver sharing some time together, speaking in Spanish (Linda enjoyed conversing with Sonia, who is a really nice young lady!):

Ladies in Red at Genea-Bloggers After-Party

Here are Sue Maxwell, Carrie Keele and Janet Hovorka wearing different shades of red:

Smiling Faces at Genea-Bloggers After-Party

Standing out in the hallway are (from left) Barry Kline, Janet Hovorka, and Kim Cotton, with Gordon Erickson in the background):

A North American Group at Genea-Bloggers After-Party

Another dinner table - with (from left) Kim Cotton (from California), M. Diane Rogers (from British Columbia), Barry Kline (from Virginia) and Russ Worthington (from New Jersey):

International Flavor of Genea-Bloggers After-Party

The dinner tables changed over time - here are (from left) Daniel Horowitz (born Venezuela, lives in Israel), Sonia Meza (from Spain), Miriam Robbins (from Washington state), Claire Brisson-Banks (from Utah) and Timo Kracke (from Germany):